An institutional role

Oenoppia wishes to be considered as a representative for all regulatory or scientific bodies implicated in considerations concerning the evolution of oenological practices.

The international presence of Oenoppia company members in the majority of wine-making countries gives the association a global vision and allows it to be attentive to technical needs throughout the world. Oenoppia is an observer member of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV).


An informative role

Oenoppia promotes access to technical and scientific information concerning oenological products and practices.

Oenoppia members are heavily involved in oenological research in different universities over the globe. These research studies have led to scientific publications for a number of years.

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An ethical role

Respect for regulations, consumer health, sustainable development, competitiveness of wine businesses…

Oenoppia members are attentive to the issues that are important to the wine trade and are signatories of the Oenoppia code of ethics. Via this code of ethics, they wish to assert their constant commitment to a reasoned oenology that is respectful of the wine and the consumer.

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